Bank Note of the Year Award 2016

Swiss National Bank has been awarded the “Bank Note of the Year Award” for 2016 for it’s 50 Franc banknote, issued on April 12, 2016 voted by the members of the International Bank Note Society (IBNS). The green 50 franc note has the theme of ‘wind’ and shows a dandelion releasing seeds on one side and a paraglider in the mountains on the other.

Over 120 banknotes were released worldwide of which half of them were of new designs and features in year 2016 which were eligible for nomination.

The three runners-up were  Maldive Islands 1000 Rufiyaa tortoise/whale shark, Argentina’s 500 Peso jaguar, and the Royal Bank of Scotland’s 5 Pound first polymer note.

The other nominated banknotes were:

  • Maldives 1,000 Rufiyaa Note
  • Switzerland’s 50 Franc Note
  • Scotland’s 5 Pound Note (Royal Bank of Scotland)
  • New Zealand’s 50 Dollar Note
  • England’s 5 Pound Note
  • Georgia’s 50 Lari Note
  • Belarus’ 100 Ruble Note
  • Sweden’s 100 Kronor Note
  • Australia’s 5 Dollar Note
  • Argentina’s 500 Peso Note
  • India’s 2,000 Rupee Note
  • Colombia’s 50,000 Pesos note
  • Seychelles 500 Rupee note
  • Saudi Arabia’s 500 Riyal note
  • Bahamas 10 Dollar note
  • Ukraine’s 500 Hrivna Note
  • Macedonia’s 2,000 Denar Note
  • Bahrain’s 20 Bahraini Dinar Note
  • Scotland’s 5 Pound Note
    (Bank of Scotland)

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